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          Thrun Law Firm, P.C., provides a full range of legal services to the public sector. We also represent the vast majority of school districts in Michigan.

          Our history of representing the majority of Michigan's school districts for over 50 years benefits our school clients through effective and efficient legal representation, comprehensive and knowledgeable legal analysis of issues facing school boards and administrators, and fair and cost-effective billing practices.

          Founded by the Thrun family in the 1950's (see our firm History page), Thrun Law Firm has set the standard for legal representation of school districts and other municipalities in the State of Michigan. Because of this legal expertise and the number of school districts and other municipalities it represents, our attorneys generally have knowledge of, and prior experience in, addressing similar legal issues and problems that occur among several of our school district and other public sector clients.

          Thrun Law Firm provides municipalities with a full range of legal services, avoiding the need to retain several lawyers or firms, which allows our clients to obtain quality comprehensive legal services while controlling costs. Our attorneys are aware of the financial challenges that most public entities in Michigan have had to, and will continue to confront. Thrun attorneys have also litigated numerous precedent-setting cases on behalf of our municipal clients for over 50 years. We offer a wide range of seminars on school and municipal law and also participate frequently in presentations with school and other municipal organizations throughout the year. For a complete calendar listing of our upcoming presentations and speeches, please visit our Upcoming Events page. Located in East Lansing, Novi, and Grand Rapids (see directions to our offices), we have easy access to government agencies, courts, and financial institutions.